Branding for Sport

EO Sports Branding is the union of two former tennis players friends who began partnering on projects more than two decades ago. Throughout these years we have developed dozens of corporate identities, websites and a large number of creative pieces for our own and client’s events.

Thus, EO, Escofet & Ortuño is the identity symbol of this union between two friends passionate for sports and design.

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● Athletes / Personal ID for athletes
● Brands / Corporate ID for brands
● Facilities / Corporate ID for clubs


● Web
● App
● Advertising / Online advertising


● Brand ID or Signage for tournaments
● Signage / Signage for fairs & congresses
● Maps and magazines for events
● Merchandising


Key Account and Conceptual Creative

I am the person you will talk to to define your needs. With the briefing we will draw the different stages and establish the time and cost of the project. Basically the part that is not seen.

Organizer of sporting events (paddle tennis and golf), conceptual graphic design (sketches, prototypes)

Senior Creative

I am the person who will transform the project developed by you and Albert, and give it shape, color, texture, identity, life… Finally, the part that your target will see.

Graphic design, web layout designer, video editing, audiovisual production.

We worked for

If you’ve made it this far, it means we’ve matched. Don’t you think it’s the perfect time to get to know each other?

If you need a sports branding partner, event creative solutions, and digital development, we can be your perfect match. We’ll assist you from the outset in projecting your strengths and collaborate to establish your recognition within your industry.